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Lenfintech Inc.

Financial Technology Consulting


Lenfintech Inc. is a fintech consulting company specializing in building end-to-end financial technology solutions.

We have extensive expertise in technology-enabled solutions to drive innovation and accelerate your digital transformation.

We provide services to help create distinctive customer-focused experiences and cost-effective products.

We can help your business grow by leveraging new technologies.

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Fintech Solutions

Lenfintech will work closely with you to understand your customers and business needs. We carefully assess your requirements to provide solutions, helping your business adopt new technologies to meet your business objectives.

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Cloud Infrastructures

Lenfintech will plan and implement a secure enterprise-grade cloud infrastracture. Managing all the valuable data travelling between your business sites. Our expertise covers all stages of the project life cycle from planning and design to implementation and the subsequent support, maintenance and management of the solutions.

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Lenfintech Inc.
42 Ipswich Terrace
Ottawa, ON K2K 2R4

+1 (613) 366-3915